Hi! Welcome to my first blog!

I’m Laura Gamble, founder, owner, CEO, Boss Lady, etc. of Redbud Advisory Group.  I started Redbud because I wanted to help other women in my position as executive director of a nonprofit organization.

Being the CEO of a nonprofit can be lonely and tough, especially for people new to the job of a CEO.  (fyi – I’ll use the terms CEO and Executive Director interchangeably to mean the top paid executive of a nonprofit organization).

It’s hard to transition from being a staff member to being the boss, no matter how much you want it or how much nonprofit experience you have.  And, if you’re new to the organization, the learning curve is even steeper.

Many new CEOs, myself included, are handed the keys to the office, maybe introduced to a few key staff, and that’s it!  No “onboarding”, just a “here’s the keys, have it” from the Board.  The Board has no plan for orienting you to the position so you’re left to your own devices.

Lest you think I’m Board bashing, let me say that it’s really not the Board’s fault, they simply don’t know how to help their new CEO become acclimated to the new position.  But, that’s another blog topic, or maybe a workshop.

So, knowing what it’s like to be a new CEO and knowing what it’s like to be one who’s been on the job for a while, I decided to start a consulting business and Redbud Advisory Group was born.

I’m often asked why the name “Redbud”.  No mystery, I like it.  The Redbud is our state tree and I love Oklahoma (even with all our problems), the Redbud is a gorgeous shade of dark pink and as Shelby in the movie Steel Magnolias says in her southern drawl, “Pahnk is mah signature colah” (Pink is my signature color.)  Also, the Redbud is a tree and to me it signifies growth, strength, and beauty.  All things a nonprofit CEO, or any CEO, should embrace.

Redbud Advisory Group is here to help CEOs be better CEOs.  We can’t do it alone and that’s OK!  One of my dreams is to bring together small groups of nonprofit Lady Bosses for monthly mastermind groups where we’ll support each other and work out our challenges.

I’ve been in the nonprofit world for over thirty years and the for-profit world for another ten.  I have a PhD in experience and I want to share that experience.  I love to make new friends and chat over coffee, lunch, or even a glass of wine. 

Some of my services include strategic planning, board training, various workshops and training for staff, and consulting for new CEOs.  Visit my website for more or email me and we can talk about your needs.

So, how can I help you?

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