Nonprofit leaders are tired!

If they tell you they’re not, they’re lying.

In a recent blog post, Vu Le of Nonprofit AF states:

“Quietly, nonprofit leaders are leaving their posts. And most of us ED/CEOs swear off ever doing it again. And younger folks, it seems, are increasingly reluctant to take up the mantle. Who the hell can blame them? The ED’s job has always been like Sisyphus pushing the fundraising boulder up a hill, but while the eagle of program impact is pecking out his liver; the Cerberus of board, staff, and community expectations is chasing after him; and he’s trying to avoid looking at the Medusa of cash flow projections.

So many nonprofit professionals, across all levels, are burning out and leaving.”

Vu then goes on to discuss how the philanthropic sector, aka foundations, need to step up their game and change the funding game.  I wholeheartedly agree with him!  (

I also feel that we nonprofit leaders need to get better at guarding our energy levels.  So much can wear us down and cause us to burn out. 

Exceptional Leaders Lab suggests that energy is one of our most valuable assets as a leader.  In their blog post, Your Leadership Energy Audit, they outline five steps to conduct your own energy audit and a simple plan to add more energy into your life.

Check it out:

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