The Bossy Advantage

A group coaching program for powerful women

  • Have you ever been labeled bossy, or something worse?
  • Do you ever feel like something is wrong with you?
  • Are you secretly ashamed and feel like you’ll never be able to change?
  • Have you tried to overcome those feelings by putting up a force field of assertive behavior to hide your fear?
  • Are you afraid that people don’t like you and that you’re always saying the wrong thing or that you come on too strong?
  • Are you frustrated because no matter how hard you try to soften your delivery, people still get upset by what you say and how you say it?
  • Have you tried to change and adapt but you end up feeling exhausted, frustrated, and maybe even depressed?
Bossy is not a four letter word

Girl! I feel you!

Every powerful woman I have ever met can answer YES to many or all of those questions, myself included. The truth is that strong, powerful women were made that way. They’re hard-wired to be strong, direct, action-takers.

In order to break free of the frustration and be your authentic self, living your dream life, you must develop a new mindset about yourself and others, develop a new confidence, and take hold of a new freedom.

Welcome to The Bossy Advantage!

The Bossy Advantage is a group coaching program for strong, powerful women; a place where you’ll learn to conquer negative thought patterns and beliefs, discover tricks to manage your time, and you’ll dig deep to learn more about yourself than you ever have. You’ll also join a community of like-minded women who support each other, cheering for their wins and providing encouragement for the losses.

This is the place where you can find unshakeable confidence so that you can create your dream life and embrace the freedom to be your most joyful and authentic self.

To help you achieve this, I have created a 7-step process: The Bossy Advantage: 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Freedom, Balance, and Joy.

  • Freedom — stop saying 'I'm sorry' and instead, see yourself as the powerful Goddess you are
  • Balance — Rewire your brain and finally unlock higher levels of health and wellness in your life
  • Joy — Produce greater amounts of joy and confidence, and increase your levels of abundance, without sacrificing your values, without becoming a pushover, and without embarrassment about who you are.

Are you ready? Then join us now!

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Private Facebook Community: a private Facebook group for program members. A safe, supportive space to share and encourage each other. You’ll receive an invitation to join the group once you’ve signed up.

Bi-Weekly live group coaching calls: a space to receive coaching on specific issues, problems, questions that you may have regarding the courses and/or your business or personal items. These are sixty-minute sessions and are held via ZOOM. You’ll receive a registration form prior to the session where you’ll list the item(s) you wish to discuss. These sessions are the first and fourth Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 pm central time.

Bossy Advantage Goals & Vision Board Virtual Workshop: a virtual webinar guiding you through my exclusive goal-setting process. Plus, instructions on using those goals to create a vision board and instructions on how to use your vision board to achieve your goals. Includes downloadable worksheets and materials list.

Monthly one-on-one coaching calls with Laura: a forty-five-minute phone call, once a month, where you have exclusive access to me. We’ll focus on your specific professional and personal development goals. Schedule these at your convenience using this link: